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One of the most popular videos on my Pilates with Donna Finnie YouTube channel has been my wall Pilates workouts. I had lots of comments and requests for a multi day wall Pilates challenge, and here it is!

You can expect variety, challenge and the opportunity to learn more about your body.

6 Workouts. 1 rest day. 1 week of movement and fun with me.

What to expect on this wall Pilates challenge

You will decide when you are going to take the rest day depending on your schedule & how your body is feeling. Workout for three days, then rest before completing the final three workouts?
Complete all 6 workouts and then take your rest day? As I said, you decide.

Once ‘Week 1’ is complete you can then decide if you want to repeat the ‘6 Day’ challenge the following week.

Alternatively if you have a favourite workout you might choose to repeat that, over and over! If you have a particular goal, i.e. to strengthen your core, then you could alternate between the two core workouts. These are your workouts now, make them work for you.

These 6 Workouts are my gift to you. Enjoy moving your body and commit to being consistent if you truly want to make progress.

I’d love you to comment on YouTube as you complete any or all of the workouts and a ? is always great to receive.

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 1: Lower Back

We begin slowly thinking about our posture, working on ankle mobility, warming up our calves.

We move on to rotation in the hips with a focus on our balance. Far more challenging than it visually appears.

Throughout the workout we will be activating our glutes, quadriceps and core. 25 minutes of work, fun and challenge to connect mind and body.

I began filming the challenge with this workout and wow it felt challenging at times, obviously in a fabulous way ?.

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 2: Strengthen Your Core

We can all find 20 minutes in our day to focus on ourselves & why not spend that time on your mat, strengthening your core.

A strong core is going to improve your posture, reduce the risk of injuries, help you move with increased confidence and if you participate in other sports, i.e. Running, weightlifting it will help improve your performance.

I thoroughly enjoyed filming this workout and once again feel that the using ‘the wall’ far from taking away from the effort and work, gives awesome feedback, helps with alignment and stability enabling you to move better.

Day 2, what are you waiting for?

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 3: Upper Body

When planning this workout my aim was to enhance mobility and increase strength both of which can be achieved with consistency and focusing on the correct posture and movement.

We all have imbalances in our body, often having one arm/shoulder that feels stronger. This workout will highlight any imbalances and improve your awareness as to how your body moves.

As always listen to your body & my verbal cues, whilst observing my movements and how your body feels.

Let’s move together. Enjoy ❤

I recommend for your first run through of this workout that you don’t use weights, but once you’ve tried all the exercises and become familiar with the workout, you might want to add in small hand weights or as you get stronger, increase the number of repetitions for some or all of the exercises.

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 4: Lower Body

Here we are Day 4 of our challenge and all set to enjoy the second ‘Lower Body’ workout.

This time you will either be lying down on your mat or in a ‘4 point kneeling’ position. The wall once again, increases the challenge, adds variety and gives you feedback on your posture, what’s not to love.

If you have kept up with all the workouts so far, then remember to congratulate yourself, it’s not easy being consistent, but that is absolutely the key to making changes and progress. Well done, I’m very proud of you.

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 5: Strong Core

Happy core, Happy spine!

Weak core muscles can contribute to lower back pain, that’s a fact. I’d say that’s a very good reason to focus on strengthening your core whilst obviously having a fabulous time working out with me!

Let’s spend twenty minutes working through a series of controlled core-focused exercises. I will guide you to move safely and effectively.

Together we are stronger! I just know you are going to love this workout ❤ x

Anyone following this class does so at their own risk. It is your personal responsibility to work safely and within your own limits.

Wall Pilates Challenge Day 6: Full Body

Wow you’ve made it to the end of the ‘Wall PilatesChallenge’, Day 6 is here and it’s yours to enjoy.

Todays workout has a slightly faster pace and is going to give you a fabulous full body workout. Aside from a wall & your mat/rug you are all set, you now just need to put aside 20 minutes in your day to workout for one final time this week, with me x

Always listen to my verbal cues & your body, watch my movements and feel how your bodies are moving.

Enjoy ?

When the final workout of the week is completed please comment on YouTube and let me know how the ‘Wall Pilates Challenge’ has gone for you x

Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm.

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