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I love Pilates, it’s why I became an instructor, however it’s not the only exercise I do.  It’s a brilliant, all-round, workout, but sometimes you need that little extra to help take you to the next level.  When clients reach the same conclusion, they are often curious if high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be done on the same day as a Pilates workout.

You can do HIIT and Pilates on the same day, or even in the same session thanks to HIIT Pilates.  The two exercises complement each other well and can greatly improve your fitness level.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest. This type of workout focuses on cardio and strength training, making it ideal for anyone looking to lose fat and build muscle.

Pilates is a series of exercises performed using bodyweight and equipment. The goal of this program is to improve balance, flexibility, and posture.

What are the benefits of HIIT and Pilates?

You can gain a lot of benefits from doing a high intensity workout or a Pilates workout:

5 Benefits of HIIT5 Benefits of Pilates
– It’s a time-efficient workout
– It’s a great fat-burner
– It’s perfect for those who are short on time
– It’s an intense workout that boosts your metabolism
– It’s a great way to build muscle
– It helps improve flexibility
– It strengthens the core
– It helps improve posture
– It can help relieve back pain
– Promotes better breathing

Creating a regular plan that incorporates both gives you the best of both worlds.  It creates fitness plan that is great for weight loss and muscle development.

HIIT and Pilates target your major muscles, while the cardio element reduces heart disease risk.

Is it beneficial to do HIIT and Pilates on the same day?

Depending on your daily schedule, you may decide to do both on the same day.  For example, a Pilates morning routine to kickstart your day and a heart-pounding HIIT routine after work.

Both HIIT and Pilates are great exercises that focus on different muscle groups. HIIT works on large muscles while Pilates focuses on the core.

In general, HIIT is an excellent way of increasing stamina, while Pilates focuses on the whole body. So if you’re looking to target different areas of your fitness, these two exercises make great companions!

Short of time but still want to benefit from both?  You can actually combine these two workouts into one session. Doing HIIT Pilates together will provide you with a full-body workout that targets your major muscles and gets your heart rate up.

it is important to note that HIIT and Pilates both demand a lot from your body, so beginners may find it best to either do a combined session or to train them on separate days.

What are the best HIIT and Pilates exercises to do on the same day?

There are many HIIT and Pilates exercises that can be done on the same day. However, 

For beginners, splitting their workouts may be a good way to start. They can do 2-3 HIIT sessions per week and then add weightlifting as they progress. As lifters progress, they need to learn the importance of breaks and technique if they want to continue seeing results. Advanced lifters must monitor their recovery, technique, and overall performance over time due to their greater capacity for lifting and performing at higher intensities.

While athletes should try to train both HIIT and weights in the same day if possible, doing so is not always necessary for everyone. If they are able to achieve results, increase performance, and stay injury free then so be it!

How do I structure a HIIT and Pilates workout on the same day?

When it comes to HIIT and Pilates workouts, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, beginners should start slowly, gradually introducing HIIT and Pilates over time to minimize nervous system fatigue.  If you’ve never done either exercise I highly recommend consulting a professional who can help you structure a workout schedule that builds up to multiple sessions on the same day.

It can be tempting to rush in to doing something new and end up overtaxing your body, which will leave you feeling demotivation and potentially wanting to give up.  Slow and steady is the way to success.  

Secondly, HIIT and Pilates can be done on the same day, but with progressions in intensity. For example, you could start with a light Pilates routine in the morning, followed by a short 15-minute HIIT workout in the afternoon.  Then build up to longer, more vigorous, sessions as you increase your strength and endurance.

Finally, remember that HIIT and Pilates both require a lot of repetition. So if you’re doing them back-to-back on the same day, make sure to take plenty of breaks between sets!

HIIT workouts typically involve high intensity cardio exercises designed to burn calories quickly. On the other hand, Pilates is a low-impact exercise routine that focuses on strengthening your core muscles.

When combined, these two types of exercises can provide an well-rounded fitness experience that targets all areas of your body.

Remember that Pilates is an excellent workout for active rest days, so even if you need to skip a scheduled HIIT session, try to keep up with your Pilates workouts.

What are the guidelines for doing HIIT and Pilates on the same day?

I’m going to assume you’d like to do separate workouts at different times of the day.  The first consideration is when you’re going to do each.

HIIT is a high-intensity workout, while Pilates is more low-intensity.  Which do you want to start your day with?  A low-intensity workout to ease you in to the day ahead, or a cardio workout that gets the bloody pumping.

You should also consider how many times a week you want to do both exercises.  While it’s fine to do Pilates many times a week, you should be careful overdoing HIIT workouts, especially as a beginner, as pushing yourself too hard, too fast, increases the risk of injury.

Where possible, consider the equipment to be used in each session.  Both can include weight training. It would be better to plan distinctly different sessions to maximise the benefit.  The low-intensity movements of Pilates pair well with a heart rate increasing cardio workout.

Of course, you don’t need to do bookend your day with different sessions, you could use Pilates as a warm up before swapping over to the HIIT workout.  Again, be careful not to overwork the same parts of your body via double workout.

Be sure to have a healthy diet in place, doing both will take a lot out of you, and it’s important to ensure you’re giving your body the fuel it needs not only to complete the workout but also to recover afterwards.

What are some common mistakes people make when doing HIIT and Pilates on the same day?

For those introducing exercise into their life the most common mistake I’ve seen is not addressing a poor diet and continuing eating and drinking unhealthy, which can negate any benefits from the workouts and can lead to poor performance and results because your body doesn’t have the correct fuel to work with.

I always tell my clients to listen to their body, just because you’ve a plan in place doesn’t mean you should push yourself too far.  If you need to, skip the interval workouts, or consider reducing the number of times per week you’re doing them, until you feel ready to take them on.

Be prepared to take a rest day, over-training can lead to results being gained slower, not faster.  It’s important to listen to your body’s needs when designing a workout plan for yourself, such as running or strength training.  Build in recovery time to allow for muscle growth and recovery.

Lastly, many people make the mistake of trying to do too much during their 30-minute workout window and end up overexerting themselves. This can be detrimental to overall progress and cause them more harm than good.

A match made in Heaven?

As much as I love Pilates, there is no denying it has limitations that other exercise types can fill.  It you have the time available for double workouts, then training twice in once day can feel incredibly satisfying, especially as they are each a unique form of exercise.  

It’s no wonder people ask “Can you do HIIT and Pilates on the same day?”, the differences compliment each other so well. Just remember not to overdo things, build in rest periods, speak to a professional for guidance but most of all…enjoy yourself!

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