Pilates exercises to relieve desk pain

We’re increasingly sat down all day, be it at a desk, in meetings, when travelling, or just at home watching TV. It can all add up to feeling uncomfortable, and you feel like you just need to move.

This is the perfect workout if you spend all day sitting at your desk, and you feel you need to move, get those joints moving, get some air. It helps you feel energized and invigorated, stopping you falling asleep at your desk.

Do this 5 minute workout and you’re going to feel great! It’s going to wake you up, wake your body up, and set you up for the rest of your afternoon to get you through your working day.

Video Transcript

We’re gonna start standing tall i want you to raise your arms up we’re going to go straight into our rag doll.

You’re going to start to soften your knees sweep those arms to the ceiling and lift so finding connection into your core so we’re softening the knees we’re going to reach up go for that full range with the arms and two more.

Use your core, draw your navel up towards your spine, lift those arms bring those arms back down by your side soften the knees we’re going to start to roll down roll.

Down down down, so let the arms hang let your head hang hold here.

Give your head a little shake take an inhale breathe out.

Come all the way up to a standing position and then through the spine lengthen through the legs, soften those knees, tuck your chin towards your chest, fold down down down keeping that big a deep connection here into your center.

Give the arms a shake give your head a shake take an inhale breathe out roll up.

We come lengthen through the legs and stand tall soften those knees place your hands on the front of your thighs start around your spine little baby roll down slide the hands down the front of your thighs place your hands on the front of your knees draw your shoulders back then thinking about changing the position of your pelvis.

So we’ve tilted the pelvis here, chest is lifted pull those shoulders back tip your nose to the ceiling.

We’re going to tuck your pelvis, we’re going to round your back we’re going to draw your chin down towards your chest, and we move again.

So we’re going to breathe out on that movement, inhale, breathe out again.

So really focusing on that lovely lovely movement of your spine, breathe in, breathe out, and move.

Move your pelvis, move your spine, well done one more time round your spine and come all the way up to a standing position.

We’re going to bring your feet close together, we’re going to roll your shoulders round: three, two, one.

We’re going to change direction. So really focus on a nice big rotation in the shoulder joint. Well done.

You’re going to stand tall, you’re going to lift your right heel away from the mat squeeze your right quad.

Squeeze your right glute draw the knee up towards your chest hold the back of the thigh here stand tall rotate the ankle three two one opposite direction three two one

We’re going to release put your hands behind your head stand tall press your head into your hands you’re going to pulse: four, three, two, one.

Bring that foot down onto the mat, stand tall, relax your shoulders, lift the opposite heel, squeeze the quads the glutes in that standing leg.

Draw that knee up, stand tall, hold the back of your thighs, focus on that flexion in the hip.

Turn, rotate, that foot. 

You’re gonna change direction. You’ve got four, three, two, one.

Stand strong into the floor, bring your hands behind your head and we’re gonna pulse: four, three, two, one.

You’re gonna bring that foot down onto the floor we’re gonna walk those feet nice and wide.

You’re gonna rotate your spine.

Press your head into your hands, lengthen through the neck, rotate elbows stay wide, come back to center.

Opposite side: focus on that rotation of your spine, one more time on each side and again well done and relax those arms.

We’re going to lift the arms up, we’re going to slide down that imaginary wall, we’re going to go one and two and three and stand tall.

I’m going to turn to face the camera, you’re going to keep your feet in this position.

We’re going to take the arms wide so we’re going to rotate we’re going to hinge at the hip one arm’s reaching behind you and the other arms reaching down to the floor stand up reach the arms wide rotate again one hand’s reaching down one’s reaching to the ceiling.

Well done. You’re going to come all the way up, rotate back to center, arms go wide, one more time on each side.

So we twist the hands switch position hinge. Well done.

Bring those arms down and rotate back to center. Arms go wide, well done.

We’re gonna rotate your body, we’re going to hinge and hold here. Well done.

We’re going to lift up, we’re going to come back to center, you’re going to lower your arms down by your side.

You’re going to walk your feet into the center and we’re going to go back to our ragdoll again.

Raise the arms up, we’re going to go three times. We’re going to soften those knees rounding your spine and lift and two more and last one and we are done get back to work get back to your desk fantastic.

Donna Finnie

Donna loves to share her passion for Pilates with others. She is a fully qualified instructor who believes Pilates is for everyone, regardless of age, as it can truly help to increase strength, flexibility mobility and athletic performance.

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