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Starting a new fitness hobby often requires some inspiration, but where can you easily find such inspiration?

Taboota gives you easy access to hundreds of FREE online fitness classes, with a catalogue of 800+ workout videos covering barre, cardio, core, Pilates, strength and yoga. That translates to over 350 hours of workout classes for FREE!

Let’s take a closer look how it works.

Where do the free workouts come from?

The workouts are added by the workout creators. Taboota has reached out to a wide range of established fitness instructors who already create video content and offered them a chance to create a profile on the app.

These trainers have existing workout videos available via a social channel, for example videos published to YouTube. When a new video is published the creator can add it to Taboota for free.

It’s a win/win situation, Taboota users have a centralized place for free workout videos and content creators gain access to the growing Taboota user base, all free of charge.

What type of free workout are available?

Workouts can be filtered by type and show the workout duration allowing you to find the perfect workout for the time you have available.

Taboota Filter
Taboota Filter

Taboota currently offers these workout types:

  • Barre
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Pilates
  • Strength
  • Yoga

This means you can start your day with a Pilates session and then mix things up with a cardio workout in just a few clicks. Once you Find an instructor you like and you can follow them to gain easy access to new videos, rather than having to filter/search for them.

It’s a simple-to-use interface that makes finding new workout videos easier than Child’s Pose.

Why Use Taboota?

You might be wondering why you would use Taboota instead of a video platform like YouTube when it’s usually the same content. Taboota creator Jon explains the extra functionality over traditional streaming websites:

Taboota has differentiated functionality, too, such as the ability to find and sort video options very easily (eg, by length or by intensity level) – and it also has good record keeping to make it easy for you to know which classes you have already taken


One of these key features is the ability to create a social group. With reporting a wide range of benefits to working out with a crowd this is a great feature to have.

Adding a competitive edge to your workout can really help push you further, in some cases it’s been found to increase workout time and intensity by a whopping 200%!

“We found that when you’re performing with someone who you perceive as a little better than you, you tend to give more effort than you normally would alone”

Brandon Irwin
assistant professor of kinesiology
kansas state university

Recognizing the benefit of a competition Taboota has gone one step further than just setting up a group, they’ve added a competitive edge to it.

Here’s how it works. Member of the group get 1 point for every second that they work out on Taboota. The Group page shows the leaderboard for the week (or the previous week).

You can find and join groups via the Find Group button, they’re public and anyone can join and compete.

Wondering which group to join? Why not try this out with our very own Pilates with Donna Finnie group.

How can I get Taboota?

Taboota is a free service, you sign up via the website ( or via the free Apple App.

At the time of writing there isn’t an app available for Android devices but Android users can access workouts via the website.

Once you have an account you can log in across as many devices as you like, so you can use this on your iPad, computer or even smart TV!

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